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New Trailer and Images for Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

With all the excitement over the recently announced Mario Kart 8, some may have forgotten about Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, the latest title in the Mario Kart Arcade series. The game was once again playable this last week, this time at the World Hobby Fair for the Summer of 2013 in Japan. New images were released, along with a trailer.

As you can see in the screen above, the character select screen has been updated since the last time we saw it, now featuring 12 spots instead of 10. Additionally, both a Rosalina kart and a Metal Mario kart have been spotted, but both characters have yet to be seen.


We will update the post if we find a higher quality version of the trailer.

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  • Mama Luigi

    I hope they put their effort more on the upcoming MK8 than this arcade game that not so many people will be able to play.

    • E.Gadd

      Don’t worry, this game is entirely the product of Namco Bandai. Mario Kart 8 is getting the undivided attention from Nintendo EAD. 😀

  • E.Gadd

    Yeah, it looks more and more like the symbols on the Arcade Cabinets revealed the entire roster. That second Mario symbol was for Metal Mario it seems.

  • LuigiIsAwesome2

    You could put Pac-Man in MK8? Probaly not, but still, he was in the Mario Kart arcade games! Could be a possibility.

    • Gameguy1996

      Pac-Man won’t be in Mario Kart 8 since Namco is not helping out.

      Also if Rosalina and Metal Mario are playable does it mean that Namco will add them to the Mario Baseball for Wii U if there’s one at some point.

      • E.Gadd

        I’d assume their chances completely depend on how Nintendo feels about them. Apparently, they feel confident enough to approve both of them over the likes of Daisy for use in this game, so… maybe?

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  • David Trujillo

    I wish we could get this on the wiiu too. Although 2 Mario kart games on the market wouldn’t make any sense. Its lookin pretty fun. Hopefully at the very least that tank mechanic makes it into Mario Kart 8 in some way shape or form

    • anony

      I second this and hope so to! Wii U can handle taking picture, so this could be easily ported to it. If not just put it as dlc for mario kart 8.

      Hmm I’m happy rosalina in, but metal mario rather have dry bowser. But Rosalina over daisy, she also need to be in this game. I Really hope the other exclusive chracter return like blinky and ms. pacman too. Another thing I hope is that new characters should not replace namco veterans, they both should be added somehow.

      • anony

        Edit: I noticed mk8 and this game handle by different companies, so asically port this game to wi U.

  • DryBonesLover and Fantic

    I hope we can get some new information on Mario Party 3ds soon…. Ever since the announcement I’ve been waiting for new information.. But if there’s none it would still be good because everything would still be a surprise to me and I’d like that to.

  • Anon

    I really hope that’s just them putting extra karts for the guys to use besides the one they have.

    It’s bad enough with no Daisy, but I really don’t want Rosalina or Metal Mario in this.