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Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Slowly Arrives in Japan

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX is slowly starting to show its face in several stores and arcades throughout Japan, keeping the promise of a release before the end of July.

The game starts players off with nine different playable characters, with an additional three left to be unlocked. These characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Pac-Man, and Don-chan. Expect the reveal of the rest of the characters as well as track lists and other features as players get hands on time in Japan. Two videos have already been posted online.


Who do you think the final three characters will be? Would you like the arcade machine released outside of Japan? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • AlphaRed9x

    Considering that Namco characters are playable here, It would be awesome if one of the final 3 characters is Klonoa. He would fit so well within the Nintendo world (and he even has Pac-Man on his hat)

  • supamawiol0l

    I want Birdo, Toadette, and Waluigi as the final three characters. Birdo FTW!

    • blue

      what about wario part of the original 8? He will be in this game since he been in all mario kart game except first.

      • supamawiol0l

        Oops I was thinking of Wario while typing Waluigi

      • Gameguy1996

        I don’t Wario will be in this one.
        I think the three characters are Bowser Jr, Rosalina and Metal Mario.
        Since Bowser Jr. looked like he was on the unlookable screen and Rosalina and Metal Mario have karts in the game.

        • red

          that will not make sense, wario will in this, like the three chracter you mentioned, some might be cameos. But wario is part of the original 8, without him wouldn’t make sense. I think wario is shoo-in more than metal mario. I think some of those character might be added if this game get updated, so who know

        • anony

          @disqus_WjdEyNtzmk:disqus: wario will be in believe it! Missing him in spinoff with multiple playable characters would be weird to see without him. I know he didn’t appear in the first couple spin-off games since he wasn’t created but after afterward he mostly appeared in kart game and most (maybe all) sports game.
          td:lr:: wario is a shoe in this game.

    • supamawiol0l

      Maybe Daisy instead of Toadette

  • Mariofan56

    One of the Final characters should be Daisy! 😀

  • shyguyman

    Well considering the pervious mario kart arcade games I think wario and waluigi will be back. I really hope they add another namco character preffably a veteran. Mostly likely the last spot will go rosalina since this arcade game needs another girl. I hope they update this and add more chracter preferably all the veterans.

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  • NewERLuigiWiiU

    There might be 14 characters according to mariowiki! Due to an online update! The last playable characters could be:
    Metal Mario
    Bowser Jr.

    • m&l&y

      @newerluigiwiiu:disqus : I hope that happen as well. if they have twelve spot, i hope they updated like other arcade game like dragon ball arcade/
      I hope blinky returns at the very least, and maybe have daisy (she also appear in mart kart after her debut inlcuding cameos) included to roster. Pac-man as the only pac-man character would be pretty embarrassing, i hope blinky returns.

      • luigiguy567

        14 characters? Here are some characters who I hope appear.
        Wario (His logo is on the machine. Plus he is part of the original 8)
        Waluigi (His logo is also on the machine)
        Bowser Jr.
        Another Pac-Man/Namco Character

        Also, Metal Mario has a kart in the game, hinting he may be playable. I hope not, because he would just be a Mario clone.

        • m&l&y

          Bowser jr is confirmed, so two space are left. We need you wario of the original 8, anyone like @disqus_WjdEyNtzmk:disqus says that wario isn’t coming back is very delusional. Wario is like must character for mario kart series. I think the final chracter will depend on rosalina or waluigi,. I hope this game gets updated so it could add more characters, either secert or from get go.

  • Lokomotiva

    According to the Mario wiki, there can be 20 characters after an online update. Now where did that hint come from? If it’s true it would be awesome, meaning there will be 6 more and if that’s true, Ms. Pac Man, Blinky and Mametchi will probbably be among them, but I honestly doubt that it will have more characters than Mario Kart 7…

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