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Kid Icarus Stage Revealed for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Today’s daily update revealed a brand new stage for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. The stage is based off Chapter 11 of Kid Icarus: Uprising, during which a war wages and Kid Icarus battles Viridi, the goddess of nature. Take a look at the screen below!

Sakurai’s Miiverse post reads as follows:

“Viridi, Goddess of Nature, is about to obliterate the humans as they battle, driven by greed”.

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  • Ewan Dewar

    Though I thought it would be in Skyworld. Guess the Wii U Versions will be off the Original NES game.

    • Anony

      Yeah I hope so too and hope you right.
      I heard a rumour from the net about kid icarus uprising being ported on wii u. While I don’t believe it, I can consider this grain of salt and hope for NES kid icarus stage for ssb wii u. I know the director loves to add stage based on retro game, so there should be one would be kool.

  • dragon

    Man… it sucks that the two versions will have exclusive stages. I definitely won’t be buying the two versions and I will miss some stages of the 3DS version. 🙁

  • Cole Holbrook

    I’m hopinh for a Kirby’s Epic Yarn stage on Wii U. Also, this stage looks pretty amazing. A lot of detail compared to some of the other stages.

  • anony

    One awesome stage from a epic game.

  • anony

    I’m hoping for mario galaxy stage, this time retro stage based on zelda or kirby retro game for wii u like mario bros. in brawl or mushroom kingdoms in original ssb and melee

  • luigiguy567

    I’m hoping for a Kirby’s Return to Dreamland stage and a Wario Land: Shake It! stage for the Wii U version. For the 3DS, I think Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon or a Metroid Fusion stage would be cool.

    • luigiguy567

      Also, If Sonic returns, a Sonic Lost World stage.