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Yoshi Spotted in Brand New Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Screens

Going right along with all the new official art, Nintendo has released a group of images from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The screens show off new areas and new battle scenarios, as well as the confirmation that Yoshi will appear in the game. What role he will play is still up in the air, but you can continue to speculate as you view the images below!



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5 thoughts on “Yoshi Spotted in Brand New Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Screens

  1. Vipsoccermaster

    Nice to see Yoshi spotted! I wonder what role Yoshi will have in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team?

    1. anony

      I’m interested in this game, I hope in the future for m&l have bowser to return as playable character with yoshi and peach, maybe new partner and rpg chracters. I hope square enix give back mario rpg character to nintendo.

    2. StickerStarFan

      I’m guessing just a villager, there is what seems to be a red Yoshi in anrer screenshot of Pi’ilo Island, where Mario & Luigi are running through a town!
      In the upper-left corner, it’s hard to see! And I have the North American box-art!