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Massive Set of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Official Art

Mario & Luigi just received a massive update to its gallery of official art, revealing brand new characters and other interesting tidbits. Check out the beautifully crafted art below!





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9 thoughts on “Massive Set of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Official Art

  1. nintendofan10039

    I know what those different pillows do! They’re power-ups for Luigi, when he goes into sleep mode.

  2. supamawiol0l

    changed my avatar to the mario, luigi and starlow one 😛
    artwork looks great!

  3. Gameguy1996

    I wander if Peach sleeping on the pillow hits that she will be playable in the dream world.

  4. supamawiol0l

    Look at the first and second pictures. Does it look like Mario is treating Luigi nicely?

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