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Rosalina Spotted in Mario Party 3DS

Rosalina will make her first appearance in a Mario Party game this winter in Mario Party 3DS. Appearing in the Super Mario Galaxy themed board, Rosalina can be seen standing near the end, right next to her Comet Observatory.

While this confirms that Rosalina will not be a playable characters from the start, there is still a chance that she can be unlocked at a later time. Regardless, Rosalina fans rejoice!

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41 thoughts on “Rosalina Spotted in Mario Party 3DS

          1. Gameguy1996

            Rosalina looks like the host of the Galaxy board. So not granted as playable sadly.

    1. tsvlink25

      They are. If you look at the player stats on the left, they all have the numbers under the checkered flags.

  1. Eduardo

    YEEEEEESS I don’t care if she’s not playable, a simple cameo is more than enough for me. It shows Nintendo hasn’t forgotten her!

    1. tsvlink25

      Aside from her presence in Mario Kart 7, didn’t they mean to have her in Mario Tennis Open, but there was a “problem” and didn’t have enough time?

        1. Gameguy1996

          She will likely be playable in Mario Golf World Tour. Because most of the game looks new unlike Mario Tennis Open.

          1. RosalinaFTW

            I don’t think so because a honeybee from SMG would take her place in Mario Golf: World Tour.

  2. RogerWii

    I am 80% sure she is the host of galaxy board
    Yellow Toad is the host of “Toad village”

    Toad village because it has toads everywere

    1. E.Gadd

      I think you’re probably right about the host bit, but I think that’s Toad Town! Seems the boards are based off actual locations from past Mario games this time, pretty neat if true.

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  4. RosalinaFTW

    My prediction is that if Rosalina is a playable character then either Lubba or Honey Queen might be the host unless Yellow, Blue and Green Toads appear in this game.

  5. T0blet

    I’m so happy! Woo! It’s about time she made an appearance in something outside Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy. From the looks of it, she’ll either be playable, a host, or it’s a clue that she will appear as a playable/major character in the expected Mario Party 10. There has to be some significance for her to be there… It will be interesting to find out what it is.


    I’m glad that a Ninetendo didn’t forget one of their previous (and very popular) characters, and also hope that she’ll be playable later. It just seems that Nintendo is forgetting some of their past characters in Mario games. Lots of previous characters in Mario games need a comeback.

  7. RosalinaFTW

    I think the host of this game might be the Cosmic Spirit, and, according to Mario Party Advance, The Playable Characters are:
    1. Mario
    2. Luigi
    3. Peach
    4. Yoshi.
    Mario Party DS have every Playable Character from Mario Party Advance, plus:
    5. Wario
    6. Daisy
    7. Waluigi
    8. Toad.
    In my opinion, This handheld Mario Party would have every Playable Character from Mario Party DS, and here’s my new Playable Character Wishlist:
    9. Birdo
    10. Rosalina
    11. Lubba
    12. Honey Queen

      1. RosalinaFTW

        Also, this is my character predicting roster, so if you don’t like HQ (Honey Queen) or MM (Metal Mario), then create your own roster!

      2. RosalinaFTW

        Another option was: 10. Cackletta, 11. Princess Shroob and 12. Fawful.
        It would be only Mario & Luigi antagonists.

      3. RosalinaFTW

        And that Mario & Luigi Antagonists would replace the Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 Characters as Playables.

  8. SuperMarioLuigi64

    I really hope she’s playable, but it’s really nice to know that she’s in the game, even if it’s just a cameo.

  9. Ewan Dewar

    PLEASE HAVE LUBBA AS WELL. And do have a New Playable Character to the Mario Party Franchise (just one).

  10. Megan Payette

    It’s about damn time she appears in Mario Party! The only thing that she needs now is her own official plushie.

  11. Ewan Dewar

    Please Do introduce a New Character to be Playable. And will this be announced at E3 2013?

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