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Ten Terrifying Tracks in Luigi’s Mansion

The original Luigi’s Mansion was by no means a game like Resident Evil, but it did fall into its own category that blended humor and light horror in a surprising and interesting way. To help create this specific atmosphere was the haunting soundtrack that played throughout the course of the game. While they might not all be as terrifying as the title of the article suggests, they are enough to give some players chills as they traverse deeper into the mansion.


Main Theme

The most common and iconic track from the entire game is undoubtedly the main theme that plays when you are moving through the inside of the mansion. It’s played over and over, but it never seems to lose its haunting feel.


Floating Whirlindas

Inside the ballroom, Luigi will find The Floating Whirlindas, a dancing duo that dance along despite Luigi’s presence. Maintaining a level of wackiness and fear, the track gives off a sense of disturbance to the couple’s waltz.


Outside Mansion Theme

The theme played when outside the mansion is closely based off the main theme. While light in tone, it gives a very eerie vibe, enough to make want to get back into the haunted mansion.


Bogmire Battle

Bogmire’s theme isn’t exactly chilling, but it the atmosphere and design of the boss battle itself lends to that creepy feeling. The music only adds to the intensity.


Portrait Ghost Approaching Theme

The beating drum of this theme really adds to the chilling effect. Played whenever a Portrait Ghost is attacking or approaching Luigi, this theme gives greater importance to these stronger ghosts.


Observatory Theme

The Exterior Theme, just even slower. This is by no means a bad thing, as the track reinforces the intensity of the eerie effect. Throw in some cosmic ambiance, and you’ve got yourself a weird little track set in a vary strange room.


First Ghosts Appear

This being the second time you encounter ghosts, the dramatic track sets the tone rather quickly and elevates the scene to a new kind of scare. It’s short and simple, but gets the job done.


Boolossus Battle

Just as the Boolossus battle is more fun than terrifying, the music that accompanies it is as well. The scene, and the very boss itself, lends to the wacky presentation of the track, and presents its own haunting themes.


Talking With Ghosts

Whenever you get a chance to chat with a Portrait Ghost, this theme plays, signaling an upcoming battle. It’s calm and simple, but it has that hint of dread that things aren’t going to work out so well for one of you.


Clockwork Theme

Our last track goes right back to the Main Theme, just as many others do throughout the game. This time the theme is a quiet rendition that plays from a clock when it is struck by Luigi. It’s the the theme we have all heard countless times, now even more dire than before.


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  • Man…… the First Ghosts, Floating Whirlindas, Clockwork & Outside Mansion themes really gaved me the creeps. I hope Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon gives us the same creepy atmosphere not only in the game, but on the music too just like the first Luigi’s Mansion did.

  • E.Gadd

    Always loved the music in Luigi’s Mansion, and the main theme is so very well done, it’s just as memorable as the Peach’s Castle theme from Mario 64, or the Title Screen music from Super Mario World, it really sticks with you.

    Also, while it doesn’t fit the theme of the article, I can’t help but post my favorite song in the game, the Credits Theme!: