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New Gameplay Videos for Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX has been spotted once again, this time at what looks like some sort of arcade event in Japan. New gameplay footage is shown, and we even get some in-game audio in the second video.

Interestingly, the game seems to only support 10 different playable characters, with one that has yet to be revealed. This is a step back from the 13 playable characters that appeared in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, which included characters like Wario and Waluigi. Still, the game is slated for release in Summer of this year, so plenty can change between now and release.

In the meantime, who do you think the last playable character will be?

Skip to 3:50 for the Mario Kart segment!

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  • DK Fan

    I’m guessing there is more, but for now, I say Wario, the big eight of Mario Kart isn’t complete without him.

    • E.Gadd

      It seems especially odd to cut both Wario and Waluigi considering they both had their own cups devoted to them in the past two games… I guess we’ll see this summer.

  • Obby

    Fun looking course. Do you think they will end up using GPDX Courses for retro cups in Mario Kart U?

    • Obby

      As a followup to this comment, what if they also use the Yoshi Mechanic we saw in the Mario Kart U game to give us new parts, similar to how coins in Mario Kart 7 giving you parts? You guys can discus this.

  • E.Gadd

    Looks like there is room for two more character boxes on each side of that group of characters, which would line it up nicely with that gray bar underneath them.

    That would make it fourteen drivers total, with four of them probably Wario, Waluigi, Bowser Jr. and Rosalina, whose character emblems all appear on the arcade cabinet, and one mysterious fifth driver… probably another Namco Bandai character.(Mametchi? Ms. Pac-Man?)

    At least it wouldn’t surprise me if that were to happen. As it is now it is really weird that they’d leave out Wario.

    • E.Gadd

      Actually, looking at the sequence of Character emblems on the cabinet, I notice that none of them repeat EXCEPT for Mario’s… because I bet you it is actually Metal Mario’s Emblem instead. He probably replaces Robo Mario in this version and is the fifth character.(Geez I speculate too much :p)

    • Gameguy1996

      That could be true because there on the cabinet like you said. Also the kart in the water scan looks kind of teal.

      If there is only one more spot it will be Bowser Jr. Because that picture of him looked like the unlockable screen.

  • Mareep

    The sad, sad moment when they put more work and effort in an Arcade spinoff game than a full on- main series Mario Game known as NSMB2. -.-

    • tom_caudullo

      New Super Mario Bros.2 was in development for 2 years. Stated by Miyamoto himself. Some people completely overlook some of the “new” elements in that game. What I find most surprising is how people don’t criticize, 3d land for the same thing it barely introduced anything really revolutionary. They are both brilliant and polished games though, and we should not knock them for not being “new” enough. Remember, NEW does not always = Good.

      • Mareep

        Oh don’t judge just yet, I criticized 3D Land too, a lot. MK7 was so well done for it’s really short production time and is better than 3d land. 3D Land reused so many sound effects, music, models, animations, etc as Galaxy and other games, while the map screens couldn’t be less creative, without just having a white background and black text listing the name. Besides, 3D Land is “just another Mario Game”, please explain to me the greatness of it. And, having Mario in it doesn’t count.

  • eboyblue3

    What’s that :3 guy?

    • E.Gadd

      That would be Don-chan, the Taiko Drum Master mascot from Namco Bandai games.

  • Blargh!

    Maybe Princess Daisy is the last one! I mean, she was on a billboard, am I right?

    • E.Gadd

      The only thing working against Daisy is that it would place her in the Heavy Weight class, so for that reason I doubt it’s her. Never know though.

  • RosalinaFTW

    I Think the last one should be a Poppy Bros. Jr. from Kirby.


    • Vipsoccermaster

      Yes, you can. Don-chan is one of the playable characters.