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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Guides

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a fantastic game, but it can be tricky at times. Our guide features a full walkthrough of each mansion and mission, complete with detailed descriptions, images, and videos. We also detail how and where to collect every gem and every Boo throughout all five mansions. To access different parts of the guide, hit the buttons below!

Michael Koczwara

Executive Editor and Founder of Mario Party Legacy. Head Administrator at the Mario Party Legacy Forum.

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  • when will the winner of LMDM be announced?

    • SuperZambezi

      Working on a date. I’ll announce it soon.

  • mariofan2000

    When are you gonna review this game?

    • they have time do make walkthroughs, WALKTHROUGHS that are very hard to make! xD
      …but hasn’t time to make review of the game that is so much easy than walkthroughs LOL

      • SuperZambezi

        Review will come once the guides are done. So it might be a bit.

  • Luigifan3DSGCN

    What technical thingamabob do you use to keep us from hearing you laugh so hard;also,which individual moment wass the funniest?

    • SuperZambezi

      You mean in my videos? I just record direct audio. 😛 And I pretty much love watching all of Luigi’s animations.

  • 1056kirby

    Are you guys still working on this guide? I’m using it to find where the boos and gems are, but it hasn’t been updated for a while.

    • SuperZambezi

      Yes, I had some internet issues that slowed down progress but we will be finishing the guide.

  • why the last mansion guide is password protected???

  • why the last mansion guide is password protected???

    • SuperZambezi

      If any of the pages are password protected or not found, that means that section is still being worked on.

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