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Newest Batch of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Art

It just doesn’t seem to end, does it? New official art for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has found its way onto the internet, featuring a full look at one of the game’s mansions, as well as art depicting the new Hunter Mode mulitplayer. In addition, we also have the European box art, the difference being the change in the name.

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  • Glad you found the art! MarioWiki is always there for your art needs. Though, why did you take the cropped box?

    • SuperZambezi

      It’s okay, MarioWiki has used plenty of my images in the past.

      • Seriously, though. Why’d you take the cropped one? The original that I uploaded had the spine.

        Also, there’s a heck of a lot more art that I’m getting ready. Those were just the four that Nintendo Spain included in their press release.

        • SuperZambezi

          Is that not allowed? I’ve made plenty of images myself that MarioWiki has used.

          I see where you have your art, and I’ll give you credit in my next post.

          • Hahaha, no credit needed. They aren’t my images, they’re Nintendo’s.

            For MarioWiki, it seems that they want it cropped to just the front cover.

  • Kirk

    I wish the ghost designs were a bit less generic looking. The original game’s ghosts on GC were much better looking and had more charm than these guys, in terms of the actual unique physical appearance of the individual ghosts. The rest of the game is looking cool though.