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King Boo Returns in New Scans for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

A new set of scans reveal King Boo’s return to the Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, as well as new screens the have not been seen before. Not surprisingly, it looks like King Boo is responsible for the destruction of the Dark Moon, the plot that will drive the story of the game. The scans are completely in Japanese, so details are sparse as to what the text reveals.




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  • MarioBro65

    I knew King Boo would make an appearance in this game also cool new screens!

  • tsvlink25

    Oh, this looks pretty cool. I love that artwork of King Boo, as it looks reminiscent of many other artworks of Boo, but it also gives him a textured-look. I dunno, I just like that look.

    On topic, I’m glad to see that he’s back. I personally feel that the normal ghost designs are a tad too basic, but oh well.

  • DK64fan

    King boo looks more creepy.

  • Luigifan3DSGCN