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Box Art Revealed for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Coming just after the new footage from the Nintendo Direct earlier today, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has gotten an update to its box art:

A few things to take note of. See the painting in the back? The image is a lower resolution so it looks a little blurry, but it seems to be a portrait of King Boo. There is a Nintendo Network icon on the box art, indicating some sort of online functionality. Should we expect DLC? Would leaderboards find their way into the game? And one last thing, the ESRP indicates a North American box art, leaving the possibility of different variations of the box art in different regions.

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  • I love how his hands are coming off the cover.

    • Nikaan Koupaei

      that’s basically how most nintendo-published 3ds boxarts have been. (Like SM3DL, MK7, LMDM, etc.)

      • Nikaan Koupaei

        not to mention some of the wii ones too!

      • Actually most Nintendo games don’t have art like that (Fire Emblem, Zelda, Steel Diver, Kid Icarus, etc) and even those that do aren’t as in your face about it as this one.

  • Nikaan Koupaei

    has anyone noticed the glass on one of luigi’s eyes?

    • 1056kirby

      That’s…strange…I never noticed that before… :O

  • Hendrik

    I can’t See King Boo

  • Jake Gantt

    March 10, 2013 will the final release for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon followed by Mario Party 10 on June 2, and Yoshi’s Land U on August 4

    • Vipsoccermaster

      Unless you have a viable source, I can’t have these listed. Plus, these are all rumors, and I doubt about Mario Party 10 this soon. This kind of information is in no way from Nintendo themselves.