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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Guides

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is bursting at the seams with content. There is a lot to collect and a lot to understand, so follow this guide to find answers to your puzzling questions! Whether you are stuck progressing through the game or simply looking for that last Luigi location, we’ve got you covered.


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Michael Koczwara

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  • tsvlink25

    Hey, just a suggestion, what if you also did a “Tattle Log”?
    Since it doesn’t seem like that’s back in any way or form?

    • seconded!

    • SuperZambezi

      I will have to wait until I get the game to be able to answer. I will definitely keep it in mind!

  • Maxsports2012

    It may not be the best Paper Mario game. But it’s one of the best!

  • vinnyfan

    What’s the password to view the walkthroughs past Chapter 1?

    • SuperZambezi

      Pages that are password protected are not ready yet.

      • vinnyfan


  • Rosalina

    what are I like on this one

  • Jessicagura

    ah who am i kidding i suck at this

    • SuperZambezi

      I hope the guides help you out! 🙂

  • Loganlaclair

    How long will you be on the rest of chapter 2?

    • SuperZambezi

      Chapter 2 is done! Go check it out! I’m trying to get the video walkthrough of Chapter 2 done today.

  • Jellyjiggler

    you guys are fast I just barely got through boogy blooper

  • Jacob

    This is the question of the day. Respond to me if you are getting a Wii U and tell me if it is White or Black Wii U because I can’t make up my mind for Christmas.

  • Obby

    That died sadly quickly. No updates for a whole day, too much coverage on Mario Bros U, and now I’m stuck at the end of world five D: Please help

  • Xbfbffgbf

    how do you get the lightbulb

    • maltam123

      Yoshi Sphinx. Go to the left of the comet piece into the door, go to the end of the hallway, the last torch will have a light bulb instead of fire. Jump under the bulb 3 or so times to get it out.

  • awesomeyoshi

    how about a sticker guide, I can’t find some of them

    • SuperZambezi

      Currently working on it.

  • Melissareynolds56

    your world 2-2 walkthrough is missing something- cant get to alternate ending to 2-4 with your instructions.

    • SuperZambezi

      I think you mean World 2-3. I checked and tested both the normal route and alternate route using my guide and everything works. Be aware that the alternate route info is in section 2.4.

      If you are in fact talking about World 2-2, all the details needed to get past World 2-5 are detailed in section 2.5.

  • just turned the game on and my eight year old cant get started. it says please just come over to me, but we can figure our what to do

    • pitfallseed


  • where is the hairdryer??

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