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Enemy Art from New Super Mario Bros. U

We have gotten plenty of art featuring the objects and characters from New Super Mario Bros. U, but the most recent batch of art shows off some of the enemies you will encounter in the game. The art confirms the return of the Foo, Banzai Bill, Spiny Cheep Cheep, and Porcu-Puffer enemies.


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  • Arceus98

    OMG how cute they are! :O

  • Vipsoccermaster

    I am loving how Boo looks now! Awesome!

  • SuperYoshi

    This is getting better and better.

  • Yoshi918

    The detail on the blooper art with the bubbles is amazing

  • tsvlink25

    I’m guessing that the Pokeys are completely redesigned? It’s been a while since the traditional ones with flower-tops have been seen…no?

  • Christian Alcaraz

    I want to see the Thwimp and Torpedo Ted artwork!!

  • lumaco101

    You said “the return of Foo”. Could you change that?

    • Luma Party

      Don’t you see Foo there?

  • Jessicagura

    wow I hate the blooper art