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Classic Stages Coming to New Super Mario Bros. 2

UPDATE: The pack is now available in North America! And more importantly, it’s free!

The Golden Classic Course DLC pack for New Super Mario Bros. 2 was announced today for Japan. The set of three levels are all throwbacks to past games, with each level coming from games like Super Mario Bros. 3 and the original Super Mario Bros. The pack is available as a free download until January 31. The pack can already be downloaded, and again, this is Japan only and we will update when the pack is announced for other regions.  Six levels have been seen:

Mario Bros.: Round 1

Super Mario Bros.: 1-1, 1-2, 1-4

Super Mario Bros. 3: 1-1, 1-5

In addition, the total worldwide count for coins collected has surpassed 300,000,000,000 coins. Perhaps this is why we are getting retro levels!



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  • Yoshiman222

    …I really want to play NSMB2 now just to make sure Nintendo makes more levels like this!
    …now if only I knew when they were coming here…

  • Baconfat23

    i wonder if the super mario bros 1 levels are like the classic levels where if you go past you cant go back or am i thinking of something else

  • gameguy1996

    I think the new DLC pack will be in the eShop by Friday because back in the October Nintendo Direct Reggie said there would be a new pack out at the end of November.

  • Nintendofan10039

    I believe that Gameguy is correct, or it may even be coming on a Thursday, since that’s when Nintendo updates the eshop.

    • Dry Bowser rules!

      Why does my eshop update on Friday? I’m in PAL region if that’s necessary.

  • Vector19561

    Guys, this DLC pack is out in North America! I got it! 😀

  • Michael8bk

    im in AUS and i got it last night

  • Geoshi there seems to be one with the bone boat as well on the left.