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The World Map So Far – New Super Mario Bros. U

The seamless design of the world map in New Super Mario Bros. U is one of the major highlights of the upcoming game. Up to this point, we have seen four different areas of the world map, but all these sections have been scattered throughout different images and videos. Below you will be able to find everything we have seen about the world map, including an image of the entire world map so far. While this is by no means an accurate depiction of the world map, it is a start to what it may look like in the final game.


 NOTE: These images have been edited and photoshopped, and the final world map will not look identical to ours. Oh, and there are multiple Marios scattered about the image, so there’s that.


Acorn Plains (World 1)

Layer Cake Desert (World 2)

Frosted Glacier (World 3)

??? (World 8?)

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  • jordine

    if peaches castle the last world (most likly not) we are gonna get some hardcore grassland stages right?

  • nintendofan10039

    Even though there are multiple Mario’s about, and the world map here is not the real one…This has to be a pretty close representation of the real thing. Although I am thinking that it could be that world 8 is in the middle(much like Super Mario World). Anyways that’s my 2 cents.

  • glotero

    This actually looks a bit dissapointing. I mean where are the supposedly branching paths? Also why does it seem like so few levels within a world? Are there going to be more worlds and secrets further on ?Or is this a shorter Super Mario title?

    • DonnyKD

      “I mean where are the supposedly branching paths?”

      Because every picture shows the full map, right?

      “Also why does it seem like so few levels within a world?”

      Because there are? There’s only 5 levels in Yoshi’s Island in SMW, NSMBU’s Acorn Plains has freaking 7.

      “Are there going to be more worlds and secrets further on ?”

      No, the game is going to stop at three worlds.

      • LogingCoolMario

        your being sarcasm at last question right? DONT SAY MAH GRAMMAH IS BAD BECAUSE IM DUTCH

  • Ieuan D

    People I reacon this is just a protype I’m sure it will be better by the realse hopefully. MAYBE NITENDO ARE RUSHING IT AGAIN. Hopefully not but who knows.

    • DonnyKD


      That makes no sense in any context.

      1) This game doesn’t look rushed at all. Quit making crap up.

      2) No other Mario game was “rushed”.

      • GThing64

        Technically, Retro Studios were only brought in for Mario Kart 7 to get the game out by christmas and make up for the dissapointing 3DS launch.

        • DonnyKD

          Yeah, one, the last part? Has nothing to do with anything. Two, that isn’t rushing. At all. That’s assistance.

          • AquaYoshi

            Don’t Worry Ieuen never makes sense anyways New Super Mario Bros U isnt rushed since they been working on this since New Super Mario Bros Mii last year

      • Mareep

        NSMB2 is one of the laziest Mario games in existence. Try and prove me wrong, it is in almost every way.

        • DonnyKD

          Lost Levels.

          Proved you wrong already.

          • Mareep

            Damn. Well I did say ONE OF the laziest games. But, just, just look at it! Really, most of the themes, art style, character models and animations, enemies, sound effects, voices, music, ect. Is re-used, they only added a few custom objects to the game, Coin Rush and the 1 million coins gimmick.

        • Ultra Koopa

          And Super Mario Bros. 2, too.

  • LogingCoolMario


  • LogingCoolMario

    awwwwww no lava ):

    • hey-ho

      in castles are lava

    • Ultra Koopa

      Well, guy-who-unfortunately-hates-Mario… maybe the lava/volcano world wasn’t revealed yet.

  • gameguy1996

    World 8 might have some lava.

  • Shy Guy and Blooper

    Thank you DonnyKD! People, your making up crap questions. Nsmb2 was awesome, and this one I think is gonna be even better. There will be more worlds, the worlds are branching off, they just had to show them in different pictures on this website, they dont have ALL the info yet, that may or may not be World 8, this game isn’t rushed, a lot of thought was put in to it, and this is actually a great amount of levels, a little more than how many other new super mario bros games had. Now stop saying crap questions, think things through before you post, and thank you again DonnyKD for making sense!

    • Shy Guy and Blooper

      Oh, and these aren’t “prototypes” even though it says these were photoshopped. They used photoshop to add multiple marios and to split the world map into different pictures. Now please, NO MORE CRAP QUESTIONS!

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  • gabe

    at the end of layer cake desert, a path leads downwards. i wonder what that is. and i think the baby yoshies on the side of the path act like toad houses or something. mabey you can pick them up and use them in a level.

  • If Sparkling Waters is after Frosted Glacier, what World 5 is after Sparkling Waters? Maybe Somewhat forest world???

  • jordine

    why they cut down the levels in the worlds? i wonder why just because SMW had small levels doesn’t mean newer has small levels, hopefully more worlds or area whatever they call it in this type of maps.
    other wise it looks good
    but seriously….add more levels. i can see perfect empty spots were a level can be put at.

    a level right beside the first mushroom house
    a level at just behind the castle

    a level right beside the first pipe of layer cake desert
    a level right in front of fortress

    i realized the tradition of level 1-2 is not an underground level not sure about NSMB2 if it had underground in 1-2 but the other NSMB had underground at 1-2. but i have a felling we are getting an underground world.

  • Man, this game is gonna be the bomb!

    Im a big SMW fan, and this for me just might beat my love for SMW thats been my fav for since i was 5 yrs old, this is definetly gonna be a day #1 buy for me.

    Also, it be cool if they brought back the key in the hole, that to was a challenge to find them all especially in Chocolete world, in that one level that leads to the 2 pipes that lead to castle 6 *sorry forgot name* 🙁

  • Just remembered the level with the hard keyhole, it was Chocolete Island 2, and the world was not chocolete world, it was called Chocolete Island” stupid mii but anyways it was hard” cuz it was always random xd.

    Another one was in “Star World” where u had to get all the color blocks to get to the keyhole & unlock the star in the middle to unlock the Special World,
    man that was so haaard xd.

  • NewMrBean35000vr

    Also you can get power ups on world maps cause in Layer Cake Desert there was a Super Acorn moving along with the Goombas and Fire Bros. and Peach’s Castle is the last world definately cause You see there is a castle part where the flag for truce can be poken out!

  • Gabriel Tinge

    you guys should update it now. there is a video that shows throught world 5ish!! the video is by gamexplain. good job!!

  • Asdf