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What Our 1 Million Coin Reward Would be in New Super Mario Bros. 2

The 1 million coin reward for New Super Mario Bros. 2 has been revealed with many fans in disarray as to how Nintendo decided on the final reward. Here to soothe away the pains, take a look at our list of rewards that we would have loved to see as the prize for obtaining 1,000,000 coins. Keep in mind, this feature contains spoilers!

New Playable Character

 Fans have been clamoring for a new playable character to show up in the New Super Mario Bros. series since the original game back in 2006. Disappointed after the addition of the generic blue and yellow Toads in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, fans sought out classic characters like Peach and Wario, with some even asking for a playable Waluigi. As a reward for 1 million coins, a playable character would bring in a ton of replay value, allowing for the entire game to be replayed, especially if new abilities like Peach’s parasol or Wario’s strength were added.



Super Secret World

 The three extra worlds in New Super Mario Bros. 2 are nice, but nothing about them feel very rewarding or special. After hunching over for hours upon hours collecting every last coin, an entire new world and set of levels would really make the extra effort worth it. The idea of a secret world only accessed by reaching a certain, and definitely not easy, goal is something Mario fans have come to enjoy.



Retro Stage/World

 Coming right off the idea of adding an entirely new world to the game, how about a throwback to past titles, or even an entire world taken directly from one of Mario’s past adventures. Imagine the Forest of Illusion in the art style of New Super Mario Bros. 2, complete with enemies and all the secrets you loved from the Super Mario World original. Or what if the Super Mario Bros. 3 art style returned and was used in a secret level? So many possibilities for retro styled levels!


Game Changing Effect

 For those that have played and gotten to the secret worlds in Super Mario World, a special game changing effect appears once the final level is completed. Upon returning to the World Map, the Mushroom Kingdom has skipped time into the season of Fall, having changed the appearance of the World Map and many of the enemies. Why not to the same for New Super Mario Bros. 2? It could be the time of day or a new skin on the enemies, anything that affected the entire game.


New Power Up

 Completing World 8 and unlocking the special worlds in Super Mario 3D Land brought the players a special surprise. Instead of a normal Super Leaf, players were treated to a gray version that allowed Mario and Luigi to turn to a block of stone at any given moment. This power-up could be used in past levels, allowing for a new way to play the game. Why wasn’t something like this incorporated into New Super Mario Bros. 2?  It could have be a new power-up or one from an older game, but at the very least, why wasn’t the gray Super Leaf featured at all?



Anything Else

To be completely honest, anything would have been better than alternative title screen. After promoting and even going so far as to say the reward will actually meant something, fans expected more. Anything that would have the player go back and play through some, or even all the levels in the game. Even the secret confirmation of a playable Luigi at the end of the original New Super Mario Bros. was a better reward. Here’s hoping for a better reward next time!


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  • Gretty5768

    I like these ideas. I would mainly like the new playable character and the new powerup as the 1000000 coin reward.

    • zach

      Mabey Both, Like A Powerup That Turns You Into Yoshi

  • Plum

    New Super Mario Bros 2 just needed to be a better game in almost every aspect.

    New characters would be fun as long as there is only 3 or so. If it’s new characters for NSMBU then we need no more than 5 or 6. We don’t need a million pointless characters. Maybe along with the Bros and Toads Peach and Wario could be playable, but that would be it. We don’t need a billion characters.

    • DK64fan

      I agree we shouldn’t have 1 billion characters or a million in a Mario game.Besides Mario doesn’t even have that much characters xD

  • gameguy1996

    Like you said SZ anything would be better I would even be happy with an extra level.

  • Luigi Party! (a.k.a. Kumatora)

    I think color changing effect would be the best, if there was a better reward for Million Coins- just because of super mario world XD

  • Dry Bowser rules!

    I would make the 1 million coin reward the ability to play as Yoshi!

  • Douteki Sakura

    Yeah. The 1million coin thing was tremendously retarded.

    I’m so going to waste my time to obtain that God awful reward.

  • BakerBoyScout

    Another character would be fine.

    I’m grumpy at Nintendo for missing the chance of making this a 3DS-graphics remake of SMB2…

  • NWE

    Well I say everything gold turns into silver!

  • Ultra Koopa

    For me, new playable characters or a new power-up are dumb ideas. Mario and Luigi are fine, and why another item?A new world would be great. 😀

  • guy

    how do you acces that dk country level shown

    • Ultra Koopa

      Getting the eight Rare Orbs.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the game changing thing, like for example, once a million coins are collected, all worlds are completely made of gold!

    • zach

      I Meant To Do Fred The Bunny Like This:


  • Petey Yo!

    The million coins should unlock Rosalina and Yoshi as player characters and give them each their own new worlds to play. Who agrees?

    • Peach-hime (Princess Peach)

      Not Rosalina and Yoshi…

      • HoneyQueenWiggler7

        Neither Queen Bee and Birdo…

        • AquaYoshi

          He has a point with Yoshi like Yoshi eggs pop out of some levels

    • zach

      Neintiendo Would Never ruin such a great game with rosalina

  • HoneyQueenWiggler7

    But Very Important, Characters like Wario, Peach, Toad, Waluigi, Daisy, Toadette and Rosalina.

    • Plum

      Daisy has no chance to be in a main game.
      Toadette was dropped.
      Rosalina isn’t even an important character.

      • emotoad64/hamstergirl98

        toadette was drop… dang I was really hopeing for her

      • HoneyQueenWiggler7

        Neither Waluigi.

        • j-man

          Or Wario. Nowadays, you rarely see them split.

    • Ultra Koopa

      Of course they will never show up in NSMB2… there’s no reason for many secondary characters who do the same thing.

  • Jonathan

    It would be better if you could unlock metal mario

    • j-man

      To be honest, he needs a break. He’s been in too many recent games.

      • Plum

        I agree, he wasn’t even a good character to begin with. :/

        • HoneyQueenWiggler7

          Take a break for Metal Mario and Put some more of the Queen Bee.

          • j-man

            I take it that the only character you’re interested in is the Honey Queen (or Queen Bee)

  • David

    I thought maybe, once you reach a million, it would show a cutscene where Mario’s mischievous rival, Wario, finds out about Mario’s fortune and sets out to steal it from him. He destroys the giant treasure chest containing the 1 million coins, they scatter about the world, and your coin count hits zero again. Now Wario becomes a playable character, and must re-collect all the scattered coins. Think about it. The first Mario title thats all about money, and a no-show from the greediest guy in the mushroom kingdom? A shame.

    • David want to be my friend on the nintendo 3ds?

    • j-man

      Revive Wario Land anyone?

    • zach

      Have You Ever Considered Applying For A Job At Neintiendo?

  • zach

    I Agree That The Actual Prize Could Not Be Lamer And I Am Totally Going To Waste All My Time And Effort On It Regardless.