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SPOILERS! Final Worlds Revealed for New Super Mario Bros. 2

As the title describes, this post is full of New Super Mario Bros. 2 spoilers! If you are not interested in seeing the final level and final boss, leave this page immediately! For those that are interested, continue reading!

With that, the final list of worlds have been revealed:

World 1 – Grasslands

World 2 – Desert

World 3 – Beach and Forest

World 4 – Snow

World 5 – Mountain and Sky

World 6 – Lava

World Mushroom – Extra

World Flower – Extra

World Star – Extra

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Accessing the three extra worlds is done by completing one of the cannon levels, the levels where Mario constantly runs until he reaches the end. No word on what kind of levels the extra worlds contain, or how DLC levels come into play.

We also have information on the final boss of World Star. As many would expect, Dry Bowser is back in all his glory, reprising his role as the last boss in the game.

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35 thoughts on “SPOILERS! Final Worlds Revealed for New Super Mario Bros. 2

        1. Mario_Comix

          But alas, New Super Mario Bros. only forced you to play 6 worlds to beat the game. Without using cannons or Mini Mushrooms to beat World 2 and 5 bosses, you were allowed to skip Worlds 4 and 7. So it’s the same, really.

      1. NWE

        Thanks,but did you also notice that he had 222 lives when the infinite lives reach to 99 in the New Super Mario Bros. series.

  1. NWE

    Hey Mario wiki says the worlds bosses reznor is the fortress boss 2 at world 1 and 4 at world 2.

    1. AquaYoshi

      That was my idea right when I saw the solo Luigi shots since Nintendo loves old throwbacks. Hopefully this works

      1. AquaYoshi

        Well I don’t know it’s an idea but the other guy says it works so it might either that or he’s a liar liar pants on fire

        1. NWE

          It says how to unlock him on Mario Wiki you just have to beat Bowser then you can switch between Mario & Luigi!

          1. NWE

            Nevermind you do not get to switch between them but you do have to beat bowser then you hold L+R again.

  2. dry bowser

    Can somebody please post a video of Dry Bowsers Fight!! Cant find it anywhere!! Thanks!

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