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North American New Super Mario Bros 2. Website Opens, New Screens

The official North American website for New Super Mario Bros. 2 has finally unveiled all its content, showing off new screens and plenty of videos. While the videos do not play any sound, there is still plenty to see. Head over to the website by hitting the link below!


North American New Super Mario Bros. 2 Website


Some of the major information coming from the website is that there will be a worldwide coin total count and the Golden Mushroom can only be found in Coin Rush Mode.

And here are some screens I took from some of the videos. Enjoy!



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  • i am a shit

    ok the site is ok but looks bad not the game the site needs a update

    • Pokémaster

      Cool username.

  • gameguy1996

    More great artwork.

  • NWE

    Hey I found this and told you.

  • NWE

    Hey michael Koczwara please listen to me ever since you did the staff openings 3 months ago I wanted to join so how can I join where do I enter the email address.

  • RazorYoshi402

    Umm…you can’t just ask to be a Staff Member…
    Anyway, great artwork. I’m really starting to love the game more and more as more info and stuff comes along.

    • NWE

      What do you mean how do I become a staff member plaease tell me anyone when will they have staff openings and how do I become one please answer my question.

      • Plum

        You have to prove yourself and show you know what your doing. Staff applications of sorts already happened and are closed. The applicants for the staff got reviewed and when a spot is open they will pick the best for the job.

  • gameguy1996

    Just wait till there are openings you never know you might get picked.

  • guy

    world wide coin total it will be high on day 1

  • HoneyQueenWiggler7

    What if the Koopalings are Wario, Waluigi, Mona, Jimmy T. 9-Volt Dr. Crygor and Orbulon?

  • new super mario bros.2 is a nice game sir koczwara can i join mario party legacy to have an update to NSMB.2 and what is your nationality and are you american me i am filipino

    • NWE

      Yeah,well that’s great I’m wondering the same thing Master Koczwara I’m Caleb and I’m from Moreland,Ga an awesome town.So can I be apart too I would make a great news correspondant I find a lot of things for you in the comments like the Japanese site updates and the North American site fully open.Wait it has now updated go look now it says Mario’s moves on this link:,just scroll down to the bottom see I told you something already I’m a member of the forum.So can I join?Please!

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