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Japanese Commercial Reveals New Elements for New Super Mario Bros. 2

With the Japanese release only a mere two weeks away, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is beginning to show up in all sorts of advertisements across Japan. One particular commercial brings a lot of information to the title ,highlighting new enemies and levels we haven’t seen before. In the commercial, we see:

  • Silver Luigi in action
  • GIANT Boo
  • Pink Boos
  • Ability to stomp on your partner
  • A new blue running level
  • More Koopaling battle footage

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  • DryBowser1000

    Fat boo!!!

  • Ieuan Bird

    Cool the big boo looks cute and weird!

  • Yoshiman222

    YES!!! You can still murder your Partner for fun!
    One of my favorite things to do in NSMBWii! (Since Ground Pounding is much more effective than picking them up :P)

  • guy

    running leveks wander if they are like the ones in rayman origins

  • TheAntiGuy

    That boo looks so effing creepy.

  • HoneyQueenWiggler7

    When there’s gonna be More New Super Mario Bros. U Elements?

  • j-man

    Into the Wiggler! 😛

  • NWE

    Hey, everyone the Japanese site updated it has a lot of new updates on the world 1 map and other updates world 3 is the beach once again lik NSMB ds.Plus a video of Roy’s battle his battle is the same as Super Mario World.

  • NWE

    Good news Sakurai is outcasting a voting poll for one character you’d like to see for the next smash bros. wich ever one has the most votes will be an official character in the next smash bros. the final results will be revealed by Sakurai soon.

  • NWE

    Here’s the link: and if you don’t see the link for the poll on that link here is the link for the poll:

    • NWE

      This was for the Smash Bros. voting Poll.

  • NWE

    Um…Michael Koczwara can you do the Staff Openings and how do I get in where do I enter the email address at.

  • NWE

    Good news,the NSMB2 NA official site is now fully open and has tons of new info. you can ride on the Lakitu cloud like on NSMBW and when you touch a gold ring while riding on it your cloud will be gold and it will be spouting out coins like the gold block.More info. than this you ask,yes just got to the official site on this link:

  • kinetic563