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New Nintendo Direct Announced for Tomorrow

Nintendo just announced that a new Nintendo Direct will be broadcast tomorrow in anticipation for this week’s E3. The special stream will focus on the concept behind the Wii U, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect any surprises!

You can view the Nintendo Direct here. The stream will begin at the following times:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

3:00 PM (15:00) PDT

6:00 PM (18:00) EDT

11:00 PM (23:00) GMT

Monday, June 4, 2012

12:00 AM (00:00) CET

7:00 AM (07:00) Japan

8:00 AM (08:00) AEST



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  • gameguy1996

    This is kind of a shocker I wander who is hosting probley Iwata.

  • 1056kirby

    I don’t know why, but those three always make me want to smile.

  • Crusher

    My body is ready