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Mario Party 8 Beta Video

Mario Party 8 is already five years old, but just recently have beta materials surfaced from within the Mario Party 8 disc. Thanks to The Cutting Room Floor, three unused mini-games and a beta title screen have made their way into the public. The three mini-games are clearly in an early stage, with different mechanics and assets missing. The title screen, and the demo that follows it, are part of a Japanese demo that must have been showed to the media at one point. Interesting stuff, and hopefully we can find even more as the disc is further explored.



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  • SWE

    The 8 looks awesome!

  • guy

    what are they doing at sand castle

  • Marioman64

    its amazing how much duller minigames look without the quirky background music to go with them

  • Dry Bowser rules!

    Mario Party 8-Version 0.9!

    • j-man

      Make that Version 0.9999999999999999999999999999999999! 😛

  • Plum

    That title screen needs a cooler background than just white. 😛

    • Dry Bowser rules!

      It’s a sky background in the final version.

  • j-man