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Three New Mario Party 9 Reviews

As we are just a mere two days away from release in North America, three new reviews on Mario Party 9 have been issued today. Again, they have been issuing decent scores for Mario Party 9. Check out the three reviews!

My Nintendo News: Mario Party 9 Review – 8.5/10

IGN: Mario Party 9 Review – 7/10

Game Informer: Mario Party 9 Review – 5.75/10

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  • Luigi Party!

    Another reason that I hate video game rating websites.
    Seriously, IGN and Game Informer, what is your brain made off?
    Though I agree with My Nintendo News.

    • You have to understand that a review is simply an opinion. The opinion of a single person.

      Also, a 7/10 is not a bad score. 😛

      • Luigi Party!

        Oh well, now I don’t have problems with IGN, but I still have problems with game informer. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I don’t understand is why Nintendo didn’t just put in a Classic Mode to appease fans… similar to Duel Mode from Mario Party 3, that was great gameplay, but I think if that was the only gameplay offered, many fans would have been displeased.

    I haven’t played Mario Party 9, but the mini-games and boards look very good. All it would’ve taken would have been for Nintendo to have two separate modes and gauge fan approval to decide what to do for Mario Party 10. I respect Nintendo’s decision to refresh the series and I’m still going to buy the game when it comes out in the US, but I really don’t understand why Nintendo didn’t just put in a little extra effort to please virtually everybody.

    Why settle for only half-fan approval when you could’ve had 100% approval? I guarantee that if this had been done (and it would not have been hard… all it would’ve taken would be a handful of items, two or three new spaces, and reshaping of the boards to fit a Classic Mode) we would be seeing reviews of 9s and 10s instead of 8s and 7s.

    • Luigi Party!

      Ok, I think you really like classic mode. But you call making a classic mode an EXTRA EFFORT? Oh, no not.
      I know, handful of items and two/three new spaces are fine, but reshaping of the boards will take like 1 more years. Making boards are harder than you think. Now, please try to enjoy the new car mode, before complaining for a classic mode.

      • That One Guy

        I’m sorry but I cannot enjoy the new car mode. I myself want a classic mode too. Mario Party 9 was severe letdown and disappointment to me and a classic mode would make me beyond happy.

        So yes, I’m complaining for a classic mode because I want one and did not enjoy car mode.

        • Donny

          Didn’t enjoy the car, hm? Want the same boring, crappy gameplay that’s been around for the last 8 games plus DS? Then play Mario Party 1. Or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6, or 7, or 8, or freaking DS, no one gives a poop about the boring “Classic Mode”, except you, you ungrateful “fan”.

          • Shy Guy

            well that doesn’t mean That one guy is an ungrateful fan. I agree with him on the classic mode, as the car seems like ruining the series and it wouldnt hurt to hav a classic mode

  • well i think the car mode is way better than classic mode cause its something new and i love the whole boss battle idea plus i like that you could have 3 cars per board i really like the wiggler car on toadroad plus the mini games are also so much fun i cant wait to get mine on march 14th cause i pre-ordered mine on amazon back in december 2011

  • Lumaco101

    I think overall, the new reviews are pretty good. The only review I didn’t like was Game Informer. I have no idea why they gave MP9 a 5.75/10! Do they really not like something about it? I pre-ordered MP9 at Target and I’m getting it on it’s release date! Yay! 🙂

    • Waluigi

      Game Informer is known for giving good games bad reviews and giving overrated games like Call of Duty perfect scores every time. It seems like they’re just bashing the series for no reason and only play the games for 5 minutes. They gave Mario Kart 7 an 8.5. They obviously haven’t played MK7 long enough to give it a score that high.

      Online that never works, Maka Wuhu spammers, awful character roster, last second blue shells, lack of single player content, triple mushrooms in third, bloopers in 7th, and the fact that 80% of MK7 players online choose Metal Mario, a Mii, or Lakitu all the time make that game much worse than how bad they think Mario Party 9 is.

      Mario Party 9 will be a great game and people can whine all they want about classic mode, Toadette, and 50 turn parties. They gave us something fresh and brand new while keeping everything Mario Party needs to be Mario Party. I think the car makes Mario Party 9 more skill based while Mario Kart 7 is much more luck based because of items.

      • Luigi Party!

        Yes, I hate Game informer.
        I think they were made of Anti-Nintendo Force.
        While Halo and COD are too overated and garbage, they still gave those games perfect scores.
        Another reasons I like user reviews more than official reviews.

        • Waluigi

          I just found out that 5.75 they gave MP9 is the third highest score they gave a Mario Party game.
          The highest score from them is…..
          MARIO PARTY 8 with a 7.25.
          That’s just proof they’re a bunch of haters who only play the games for 5 minutes.

          • Luigi Party!

            WHAT? How can MP8 the best rated one?
            I included Game Informer at my least favorite things ever list.

  • I’ve also written a review. I am very disappointed of Mario Party 9. Sure, the graphics are awesome, controls and music are also nice, but the new game system does not work, it is just solely based on luck. It doesn’t matter if you win every minigame – you will lose if you have bad luck. Also there is manipulation in the game: The worse your rank, the more luck you have and vice versa. Also you get too less Mini-Stars for minigames, making minigames entirely useless.
    For the minigames, some of them are good, some of them are bad, overall it is just average. Nintendo or NdCube also cut out characters like Toadette. Overall the boards are well-designed, but the rules on the boards are always the same, so it gets boring very soon.

    I’m sorry to say this, but I find Mario Party 8 way better even with the terrible graphics. The minigames are more fun and the game system is way more fair. I gave Mario Party 9 a low score of 62.5%.
    My review (German):

    • Luigi Party!

      1. Just because there are lack of characters, it doesn’t mean the game is bad.
      2. Why didn’t you give MP1-MP5 bad scores, while it had the same “Buy the star for 20 coins” method?
      3. The other Mario Party minigames are luck based too.
      4. You don’t really get much ministars as in the other mp games you get lots of coins, so getting only 5 coins in minigames are fine too.
      And this isn’t school ratings- 62.5% is actually a good score.
      No offense.

      • The score is low compared to the score I would have given the other Mario Partys.

        I see your point, it seems as if Mario Party 9 splits the fans into two camps – the ones who like the new game system and the ones who want the old system back.

        Also, if Nintendo (or NdCube) keeps on cutting characters from the roster, more and more fans will be pissed off because their favorite character is gone. I like the addition of new characters like Koopa or Shy Guy, but they could have at least kept the old characters in.

  • That One Guy

    I agree with Gameinformer and IGN. Mario Party 9 was very disappointing.

    I prefer 4 through 8. I’d elaborate on why, but it would be a very big list.

  • John

    That awkward moment when you wait patiently for a game to come out, buy it on it’s realese date and immediately know it’s getting traded in after the first playing. This game is not fun by yourself or with friends. I agree with everyone who says it’s all luck. After playing through all the mini games, I found that only about 10 of the 80 are actually worth while.

    • Donny

      I love it when people pretend to play games just to give it a bad rap.

      You’re telling me that you played through all the game on your first play? Yeah, you’re full of poop, aren’t you?