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Mario Party 9 Now Released in North America!

The day so many of us waited for has finally come. Mario Party 9 has officially been released in North America today! North America joins Europe and Australia as the current territories to release Mario Party 9, with Japan expecting a release on April 26.

Did you buy Mario Party 9 today? Do you plan on purchasing the game soon? What are you initial thoughts? Is the car as bad as people are predicting it to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Yoshinaruto

    Oops! I didn’t mean to post it twice but oh well.

  • ImSpidey2

    It looks REALLY fun. The car mode is a creative idea, and the bosses look fun. Although it should have had more characters like Donkey Kong, Toadette and Rosalina, it’s not bad. I’m getting it on my birthday…hopefully.

  • Gretty5768

    Got it 11:00 AM yesterday. Already completed Solo mode and got the DK’s Jungle Ruins board. By the way, when you finish Solo mode you get 500 Party Points if you were always the Superstar. That’s how I got the last board!

  • onetequila

    I just got the game and played it last night. I have to agree that Mario Party 9 is the best MP so far. Every space is eventful and there are no longer boring red and blue spaces that only add or subtract a few coins. The car is great and helps keep the game interesting between turns and minis and the mini games are better than ever! I also like how 1st 2nd and 3rd placers get mini stars each mini game MP9 is the best!

    I would rank them….


    If I had to change something though I would change the character roster. Ever since 5 they have started adding random mini monsters as characters like Boo, Dry Bones, Blooper, Hammer Bro, Shy Guy and Kamek. I feel like people would rather play as DK, Diddy, Rosalina, Toadette, ect. You know ACCTUAL CHARACTERS. Besides that thought game rules! I guess it doesnt matter because I would just pick Yoshi or Daisy anyway.

  • Joshers744

    Though the other three I played with didn’t like it as well as the old ones, I am really enjoying it!! We played three party mode games, and I’ve played through one level in story mode (Yoshi all the way!! …until I unlock Shy Guy…then some with him).
    It feels so fresh after playing the old ones as much as I have.
    New strategies really comes into place. Boss battles are real cool. The extra mini game section aren’t bad either. Goomba bowling is pretty fun. Can’t wait to get farther into this game.

  • Yoshi1999

    I still love the original the best but dang they did a great job this new car mode is really fun! they really proved me wrong about this game being bad. i hope they include car and classic for 10!!! that would be the best game!

  • Blooper lover

    Even through blooper isnt playable,I am still getting the game on march 15 or later.