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Listen to this Awesome 8 Bit Rendition of Toad Road!

The theme heard on the Toad Road board map is already catchy enough, but this hasn’t stopped from taking the theme and creating an 8 Bit rendition, akin to music found on an NES game. Make sure to check out MrBulbamike’s YouTube channel for more 8 Bit renditions of other games!

Michael Koczwara

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5 thoughts on “Listen to this Awesome 8 Bit Rendition of Toad Road!

  1. HJ/8B1T

    I can never achieve such good Triangle wave effects on my compositions. :p Also very good management of the two Squares (lead and backup) – I wonder how much life this could gain if it used a Famicom MMC5? chip to add more squares, or the FDS extra channel XD Excellent rendition. 🙂

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