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Mario Party 2 Available on Club Nintendo

Mario Party 2 for the Wii Virtual Console is available for download through Club Nintendo for a low price of 150 coins. For more than a decade, Mario Party 2 has been revered as one of the best of the series and a true classic. The game can be your for the equivalent of registering three Nintendo Wii games. Don’t miss the opportunity as this offer expires on Wednesday, February 29, 2012!

Club Nintendo

Mario Party 2 – Club Nintendo


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  • Zacktheninja300

    >:3 saw this and swiped it right away!

  • mario fanatic

    The N64 parties are horrendously overrated pieces of trash and do not deserve half the praise they get. Nothing is fun about a broken terribly designed game with horrible AI and horrible gameplay.

    • SuperZambezi

      AI was not the best but I can’t agree with horrible gameplay and a broken game. Why do you think that?

  • Yessoan

    No fair!
    The Australia store has less than a quater of what is on the American store, and the only games are game & watch. 🙁