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Five New Mario Party 9 Screens

The silence was not going to last forever. It’s been a week since we heard any kind of news and today we see five new screens. All five are from mini-games, with two having never been seen before. Check them out below!






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  • j-man

    Blue and green mushrooms? Sounds interesting…

  • MiniM

    CAN’T WAIT! Every time I see new mini-games, I get more and more pumped. These mini-games already blow MP8’s out of the water. I can say that without even playing em’!

    Also, does the boulder one remind anyone of that MP3 1v3 mini-game? The name escapes me, but you had to try and run up a hill whilst avoiding boulders. Looks awesome 🙂

    • Dark Boo

      LOL That MP3 Mini-Game Boulder Run (or Dash) I forgot myself xD

  • mario party player

    the game looks good and all by now 😀 the only thing that is disappointing me are the characters =l….i mean their a bit ok i guess but they sure took out many good once =/ and birdo? well i don’t hate her but i don’t like her ether…i mean i would’ve preferred that toadette was there instead of her a million times….hope NINTENDO AT LEAST IS READING THIS >=U that i dont think they are -_- but if they are NINTENDO BRING GOOD CHARACTERS IN COME ON >=(

  • Chun

    1 month and 2 weeks left (north America) I must say this game will be the neatest Mario party game in history it has the most funnest minigames I can tell already without having to play the game

  • OhMyToad

    OH MY GOD! ;D
    I am so excited, i just can’t wait. ;D
    I just have to wait 1 more month and then all the fun begins. ;D

  • DanyyRaisin4

    I agree with mario party player